I called for a septic tank pump and clogged line service. Upon discovering that I had a broken main line after digging. He immediately gave me a super reasonable quote and fixed it on the spot in less than 40 mins. He also dug out a badly placed tree by the septic tank free of charge. Very honest and stand up guy as well. 5 stars service and I highly recommend!
Luke Chang

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Showed up when they said they would and did the job right. Much more than I can say for the others I called! Thank you Easy Clean Septic

Laura F


Let me start by saying that I will use this business for many years. I had Easy Clean come out yesterday for a septic pump on my 40 year old tank. Upon inspection, they found the exit pipe to the drain field had disintegrated and was disconnected. They gave me zero pressure into having the pipe replaced. When I told them to do the repair he then reached into the drain and pulled off a chunk with ease to show me. Super professional, very friendly, and a nice clean truck (to me that shows professionalism and pride). I’ll see you in a few years for a pump!
Dustin Bud


Easy Clean Septic is fantastic! …..above and BEYOND the call of duty when he works. His pricing CANNOT be beaten! He is polite, dependable …He saved my church THOUSANDS of dollars! From now on Ben will be our go-to for ANY plumbing needs! Skip the rest, go to the best, Easy Clean Septic!
Patterson Lundquist

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Fast response and very reliable. Great value. Professional and honest company. There were no hidden fees. I paid exactly what was quoted.
Kate Martin

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Excellent plumbing service! I had major problems before calling Easy Clean Septic. I would definitely recommend Easy Clean Septic to anyone who has plumbing needs.
Nekia Whitlock

Really quick work, customer service and understanding was amazing.
Levi B

If you aren’t using Easy Clean Septic for your plumbing needs then you’re doing something wrong! He was always there, honest, easy to work with and most importantly got the job done right! I would recommend him time and time again and will give him business whenever I can!
Mona Sabeti

Great guys. I really was in a bind. The first septic company quoted 3 times what Easy Clean Septic quoted without any kind of tests. spent 30 minutes at least in testing before he turned around a quote which I owed him nothing for. Once I gave him approval he and his partner came out and did the work and made sure to take me through each step. Very honest, very hard-working. A +
Dustin W

I called Easy Septic and Ben was able to come out the next day. He quickly identified the problem (roots into the septic junction box) and provided a reasonable quote and did the work the same day. I will recommend him to others.

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Easy Clean Septic was very knowledgeable and skillful. He explained the procedure step by step and got my system working in a limited amount of time. Thank you for a positive experience.
Corinthia B

Easy Clean Septic was flawless with his install of our new drainfield. His price and customer service is unparalleled. I would definitely recommend his services.
Michael Allen

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Had a septic issue that you could smell in the yard. First guy that came just told me I needed a new drain field without looking around much. Got a second opinion with Easy Clean and saved a few thousand dollars because he actually took the time to find the drawings with the county, locate my drainfield and diagnose the issue. Such a relief when someone actually uses their brain and puts some thought in their work! Issue was fixed over a year ago and haven’t had an issue since.

Joe Dean

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Three best rated in Atlanta GA

Three Best Rated

Three best rated in Atlanta GA