Septic problems are no picnic. They are pesky at best, pricey and hard to solve at worst. Septic problems are common in the drain field. Your drain field, like any other portion of your septic system, may occasionally fail to function properly. So you must be able to spot indicators of trouble. In this piece, we’ll go through the most popular signs that needs a septic drainfield repair. Being aware of these signals will allow you to recognize potential difficulties promptly and prevent them from worsening.

In Atlanta USA, neglecting septic system maintenance can result in septic drainfield repair. When biomat slime builds up and obstructs water passage into the soil. It can cause restores, lawn flooding, and foul sewerage odors near the drainfield. If you need drain field repair in Atlanta, go no further than Easy Clean Septic. Our skilled technicians can swiftly identify any issues with your system. They establish a viable solution once they recognize the problem. They will develop a efficient solution for drainfeild repair in Atlanta.

Signs Of septic system failure

Following are some of the most common factors why a septic system fails.

  • Backup of wastewater in your yard or residence
  • Sewage stink from poorly treated water on the ground
  • Holes in the drain field’s shoulders
  • Wet area around drain field
  • Muddy water in close range of the septic system
  • Vibrant green grass spreads over your drain field
  • Toilet gurgling or bubbles

1 Backed-Up Sewage.

Back-up sewage in your drains is one symptom that you require drain field repair. Backups like these can happen when your septic tank is full to capacity. However, it can also occur when liquid effluent is unable to flow adequately into the drain field pipes.

2. Standing Water

Standing pools of water in your yard are another sign that your drain field needs repair. If it hasn’t rained in a while but there are still pools of water on your lawn, especially near your septic tank and drain field, you should contact our team to evaluate your system.

3. Patchy Grass

Another indication that your system requires septic drainfield repair is surprising and a good thing as well. Because it takes the form of extremely green and lush grass. If the grass surrounding your drain field appears to be significantly greener and thicker than other parts of the green space, you have a wastewater leakage. You need to fix it real quick.

4. Soggy Ground

The drain field is a part of your system responsible for diverting water underground. This trickle shouldn’t be so strong that it leaves puddles in your yard.
You may require septic drainfield repair if the ground surrounding your drain field is soft or if puddles have formed.

5. Bad smells

Drain field repair is necessary if you notice a strong, unpleasant odor in the area around the drain field. If you smell sewage anytime you go outside, there might be an issue with your drain field.
If you are in Atlanta then give us a call as soon as you detect the unpleasant scents, we may quickly fix the situation.

Potential damage when ignored

Septic Drainfield Replacement in Atlanta

If you ignore your septic system or put off fixing issues, it might cost you a lot of money. It can ruin your house. Water damage from overflowing or clogging up toilets, tubs, and sinks may affect more than just the drainfield. And it costs a lot to fix or replace. If hazardous sewage leaks into your house, you may also have to fight a costly struggle to remove mold and mildew.

Steps To Take

  • Keep an eye out for those mentioned signs of impending danger. Do not delay in reporting any doubts you might have. Immediately, you should call Easy Clean Septic Repairs Atlanta.
  • Don’t use your trash disposal. It can clog your septic system with solid waste.
  • Avoid flushing the grease and other food scraps down the drain.
  • Bathrooms do not serve as trash compactors. So do not throw anything into the drain. except for human waste and bathroom paper.(scott’s toilet paper regular) This includes water.
  • Keep the water coming into your septic tank to a minimum. It may disrupt the balance of waste-eating microorganisms in your septic tank by an influx of water. For example, avoid doing too much laundry at once.
  • Reduce your water consumption by investing in water- and energy-saving devices.
  • Avoid excessive use of toxic cleansers like bleach and ammonia in the home.
  • Clean your septic system on a regular basis. There is some debate about how frequently you clean your septic system. It recommended by the state of GA every 3-5 years. Regardless of the number of people who reside in your house, do it every three – five years at least.
  • Maintain your septic system with septic pumping & inspections every 3-5 years. Septic inspections may save homeowners thousands of dollars in drain field repair by identifying issues before they cause extensive harm.

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FAQs of Septic Drainfield Repair

When does it become necessary to replace a septic system?

Many reasons can cause septic problems and lead to drain field replacement.

  • Lack of routine septic tank maintenance, such as pumping or cleaning
  • Septic tank capping from too much grease, preventing the release of oxygen.
  • Drainage pipe failure or collapse in the drain field
  • Compaction of the ground due to vehicles or machinery
  • Tree roots that damage the drain field and associated pipework

How to Recognize a Full Septic Tank vs. a Clog?

The septic tank or whole system is probably not the problem if simply one fixture is sluggish, blocked, or otherwise problematic. When sewage is backing up into many fixtures or areas of the house, it’s important to inspect the septic tank and system

How can I detect a broken septic tank?

Soggy Ground
Some of this water may leak out of the septic tank and collect under the surface. You may also find that the area just above your septic tank is always damp. . A cracked septic tank might cause flooding in your yard.

Can a septic drain field fail?

Pressure from vehicles, animals, or even people walking on and over trenches may cause them to become compacted. This may cause the arch or septic pipe to collapse, blocking the flow of water along the trench.

What is a Drain Field?

Easy Septic Clean Man Cleaning DrainField

A drain field is an essential component of any effective septic system. Your septic tank’s wastewater undergoes treatment in a drain field, where harmful substances are removed. A drain field is ideal for processing biodegradable or organic waste since the naturally occurring bacteria there may decompose the material. Your drain field in Lehigh acres needs regular repair and maintenance much like the rest of your septic system.

Why Does the Drain Field System Fail?

There are a number of factors that might lead to a drain field failing. Such as system degradation, lack of maintenance, or misuse/overuse. Septic backups, blowouts, and a saturated field are the results of a drain field that isn’t functioning properly. Drain fields come in a variety of designs, but they all serve the same purpose: to filter wastewater from a septic tank back into the ground. Regular septic pump-outs and maintenance can avoid expensive drain field repairs.

What is biomat?

Drainfield ditches often have biomat growing on their bottoms and sides. The anaerobic microbes in sewage create a tar-like material. The flow of wastewater is slowed by a mature biomat, and the effluent that goes through is clarified by the removal of bacteria and viruses. Colonies of aerobic bacteria eat the biomat so it doesn’t block the drain field. When systems are not properly maintained, backups kill aerobic microorganisms, which leads to the creation of biomats that clog drains and need expensive drain field repairs.


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