Do I need a new septic tank?

First call Easy Clean septic and have us come perform a septic inspection. We are licensed and insured. We can determine what repairs are needed, it could be minor or major repairs depending on the reason why the system has failed. We will make sure we provide you the best solution for you.

How much does a new septic tank cost?

You may be wondering how much is it going to cost for a new septic tank, well it depends. Every home and business will need a custom estimate based on the number of bedrooms or the number of people using it, soil condition and other variables.

Here at Easy Clean Septic we provide free custom estimates for your particular need. We are here to discuss and perform the installation and repairs of septic tank systems. We are qualified and licensed professional who will research your property and listen to your needs to provide an accurate estimate. contact us at 678-532-1276

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Factors Included in the Cost of a Septic Tank

As we all know one size fits all does not exist, I can tell you that, especially when it comes to clothes. Septic tank are the same, therefore when using the general guidelines below you have to take that into consideration. The final say on what size septic tank goes on your property depends on the county inspector. Every county in Georgia has a environmental health department with a inspector which determine and recommends the size of the Septic System. A qualified professional here at Easy Clean Septic will take care of all your needs. We will make sure your tank is within legal guidelines for your county.

How much is a Septic Tank by Itself?

Most families can use a 1,000-gallon tank, which works out to $1,000-$1,500 for the septic tank

Additional expenses to look for on the cost of a septic tank 

Paying for a licensed septic tank installer for their expertise.

A permit is required for your county if you are installing a new or replacement septic tank. Make sure work is performed by a licensed professional because the septic tank will have to be inspected by the county.

Contact Easy Clean Septic to get your cost of septic tank estimate for an accurate quote. For more information or to book an appointment, contact us 678-532-1276